LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Friday, 5 October 2012


*Once a very clever person asked a gentleman........
"Why are these letters on the keyboard set so irregularly?!Not even two letters side by other than, AS and WE would give any meaningful word?!
Then the gentleman answered with hope," maybe its designed with confidence, that...AS WE.....make a meaningful thought  with the letters though far, to build not only one's life but also others with kind words of wisdom in given time, before the valuable life is lost."

~ Hazel Shirley ~

Self-love is not opposed to the love of other people.  
You cannot really love yourself and do yourself a favor without doing people a favor.
Karl Menninger
It is always best to be good but never try to prove it.

         The one who values you today, might not remain the same tomorrow. Live a lively life every day, that you might feel happy for what you were and are....throughout your life, without regret and stress. Love and respect you love yourself.
~ Hazel Shirley ~

Do you have 'Peace of mind'?
Do you believe in God?
Read this even though you don't...!!

A person can step on a moon though, it takes continuous research, extremely hard work for years...with the stable, intelligent, creative, intellectual and confident mind, is not a difficult task.What is the difficult task.... these days.... is to transform, 'ego-centric nature' in mind !!

I feel extremely happy and privileged to watch successful achievements in science and technology, where the human race is progressing day by day.Extremely qualified persons around the globe are striving hard with dedication to provide, best future to present and coming generations in all respects.

At the end of the day,no matter how hard your responsibilities are..., how difficult your tasks, that are meant to be completed within time are.....,how unique your achievements and abilities are........,you definitely need a heartful person to care, listen, appreciate, trust, respect and to love unconditionally.
There are more than 50 hormones or chemical messengers present in human body, that helps in different functions.Those functions build feelings or emotions.Positive emotions relieve Stress."EGO" - The one barrier to love and unity is ruining the life, where all other negative emotions are setting wings to ruin,' peace of mind' of a person these days, causing extreme Stress.Beautiful Life is within your mind, by the way, you accept things around you with understanding and love.
Adjustments and compromises made for loved ones in the family and among friends.....construct loving society.Mutual respect and understanding give happiness.

Proven Facts to reveal strength present in positive thinking; attitude and emotions :  ;

Every human needs to develop positive thinking and attitude to develop positive emotions, that make you happy and healthy.

Transform - Thy-self: Develop positive Attitude - Live Stress less Life.

Nothing is impossible to anyone who believes in the positive attitude, that relieves you from Stress.
My writings focus on, one powerful word -' LOVE.' Because I believe in God and 'God is Love.' I always respect truth because 'God is Truth.' For me no one is rich or poor; good or bad; everyone is Unique.'
I am against disputes between Friends, Family, Divorce, Child abuse and all social evils, that is ruining...Peace of mind of people living in this world.The most valuable materialistic gift cannot give you peace as love do.Yes !! We can change this situation, when we respect our self-conscious mind, that always help us to understand worthiness of life.Running around most beautiful or fascinating one would give pleasure for some time but never peace of mind, that is only found in healthy positive thinking and strength of true love.Respect the Law; Love one and another.Show the beauty of Almighty in your actions rather than in only words.

Every relation is precious and unique :

Grand Parents; Parents; Children; Siblings; Friends; Classmates; ColleaguesNeighbors -

"A nice relation is not how long we have been together.Not how much we give or take.Not how many times we talk. It's all about how we value and trust each other.Its the essence of true love." 

Give your Life a chance to live its life as such one would feel or express honestly with the true heart...., mind...and soul..., before you or along with you or after you....., that .......
"Your life is beautiful."

"Nobody is Perfect...Trying one's best to respect their responsibilities and to abide by the commitments is THE BEST WAY I KNOW TO LOVE AND WORSHIP GOD."

I am a simple writer, who always pray and wish to live throughout my Life, as a human to remain as a sincere Learner, rather than an Advisor.

- Hazel Shirley -

Remember, what you believe about yourself affects your life more than what anyone else believes about you.  - Victoria Osteen -

You are Precious and Life is a Privilege. Live it with lively smile....  :)

'Thank you' is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.

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